What You Should Know About Them

A lot of people think court reporting is not an exciting job, but the work can be exhilarating. One of the reasons why court reporting has a reputation for being boring is because they have to transcribe page after page of legal terms. What people don’t realize is that reporters are witnesses to some of the most exciting drama in the courtroom.


Qualifications Needed
If anyone wants to become a certified court reporter, then they have to take their State Licensure Exam, which is administrated by court reporting specialists. They may also be a member of the NVRA, short for the National Verbatim Reporters Association, or the NCRA, short for the National Court Reporters Association. If you want to become a member of the NVRA, then you have to type 250 words per minute, while 225 words per minute are the minimum to become a member of the NCRA.

Court reporters have to be willing to improve in the reporting field. This means they have to take tests, which includes writing tests and speed tests. This is very important because it ensures reporters are continuing to progress and improve in the field.

Services Offered By Court Reporters
Reporters transcribe and documents depositions in court, and they are sought after for a variety of services. For example, a good transcript will contain all things that have happened inside the courtroom. The reporter should present a transcript that contains perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This means the court reporter needs to have excellent common of the spoken and written language they are working with.

A litigation reporter should know about the main facts surrounding the case they are working on because they need to understand what is going on with the proceedings among all involved, which includes the jury, judge, defendant, plaintiff, and lawyers. They have to understand what charges are being laid against the defendant. A reporter has to be up to date with all of the legal jargon, and they might be able to know what will likely be said in future cases.

The reporter may render service by transcribing via voice, steno-type or electronic reporting and turn it into written format that is recognized in court. The document should completely readable. The services the reporter provides should be effective and fast, which means they should be able to work under a lot of stress and pressure. Reporters should be able to function very well under pressure and stress.

Outside services are also provided by many court reporting services. Sometimes a reporter will work as a web-caster or a broadcast captioner. They may be able to transcribe live television for those who are disabled. In fact, such reporters can make a lot of money performing this type of work.

Reporters can freelance and work right from their homes. If they do this, then they will have control over when and where they work. Reporters who work this way tend to deal with less stress because the work isn’t as demanding.

If you can write and speak English very well, then the chances are you can become a court reporter, which can be a challenging and exhilarating job. You’ll also need to have excellent documenting skills, and you must be able to make excellent decisions. Remember, lawyers, need a lot of support from a court reporter because it plays a big role in their cases.

With that said, court reporters have very important jobs, especially when you consider the amount of documentation they have to do on a regular basis. If you like a challenge, then consider becoming a court reporter. You can make great money, and you’ll enjoy the challenge.