If you think about it, court reporting is a fascinating field. Deposition reporters, court reporters, captioners make it happen in the courtroom, the deposition suite and also on broadcast TV. If you’re looking to get a career in the legal field besides being a judge or lawyer, you could always choose court reporting. It is a well-paid and crucial career in the legal niche.

Why Is Court Reporting A Good Career?

Court reporting is an essential part of any legal proceeding. It’s also a way of providing communication access for any people who are hearing impaired. As a court reporter, you will become an independent contractor receiving a good salary at the end of every year and work as a county employee for any courtroom. Even better, you can start your court reporting service. There are many options for anyone with a court reporting service.

Court reporters are always integral and exciting parts of any court trial. They make history by documenting everything that happens, word for word. Besides documenting high profile trials, they also caption presidential inaugurations. Here are some more facts you need to know about court reporters.

•    Court reporters make a salary of $60,000 and more every year. These include deposition reporters, broadcast captioners and normal court reporters.

•    TV programs have live captioning which is done by highly specialized court reporters, referred to as broadcast captioners. It is a career jackpot for people with court reporting skills because the Federal Law mandates captioning of hundreds of TV hours every week.

•    Court reporters also provide individualized services for those who are hearing impaired through CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation). They can document everything for deaf clients, especially during college classes or other engagements. The reporters can translate any speech into written words. These skills are in high demand and court reporting services readily provide these services.

•    Only about 27% of court reporters document everything that goes on in normal courts. The rest work as freelance court reporters who might be used by attorneys to create transcripts of depositions during the discovery phase of most legal proceedings.

•    Each year, job opportunities for court reporters continue to increase dramatically. Therefore, it is a good profession for anyone looking for a career with some good money.

Salaries For Court Reporters

As of May 2004, court reporting professionals have a median salary of $42920. The middle 50% earn about $30,680 to $60,760. The lower 10% earn $23,690 with the highest 10% getting $80,300. Court reporting professionals who work in local government providing their transcription services have a  salary of $41,070, very good salary for anyone in the current economy.

The amount and type of compensation for court reporters might vary depending on the court reporting job in question. Of course, the experience, level of certification and region of the country where the job is required will also come in handy. Official court reporters get paid on a per-page basis for each transcript. Of course, most official court reports get some extra money from freelance work.

For freelance work, the compensation comes from per job and per page basis, depending on the type of job. CART reporters, on the other hand, are paid per hour. Stenocaptioners are paid a basic salary and benefits, especially if they are working for a captioning company, but those working as independent contractors get paid by the hour.


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